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Nathan HendersonNathan Henderson, Inmate Blog Writer

 My name is Nathan Henderson. I’m a 40 year old man from Ft. Worth, Texas. I’m currently serving a 262 month Federal sentence for distribution of marijuana. I’m a first time felon. My past 15 1/2 years have been spent behind the gates. When I left Bill Clinton was our President…I have 3 years left.

Before prison I gained a lot of attention from owning a couple of businesses in Arlington Texas. I owned That Sounds Good; a music store that also carried rims, as well as car audio. My business was a success but I straddled the fence between legal and illegal business. Looking back on things now I know how things went wrong. I don’t blame anyone or hold any grudges for the way things turned out. I chose the life I lived. Even though I feel like my sentence was too long, I’ve accepted the outcome.

My time in prison started a little rough. I chose to try to keep doing wrong. I got caught up with marijuana in a dry cell 10 years ago. That moment changed my views on life. I was forced to squat down over a bucked and defecate into a bio hazard bag with guards standing next to me to make sure I didn’t try to swallow my waste. That was a definitive moment in my life. I’d never been so embarrassed…I was sanctioned and shipped to a violent prison in Victorville California and later Lompoc Medium facility. I experienced stabbings, riots, gang situations, and racism like never before. I also lost my phone, visits, and good time. I knew things has to change.

I’m currently in Big Springs low and I have been for the past 7 years. I found my niche here after doing a lot of soul searching. I started writing my thoughts and posting them on FB. I started writing books about real life situations. I joined a jewelry beading class that I now teach. I pick up on leather craft as well. I began using my mind in ways that would help me better myself and this situation. I found out a lot about myself and my faith while doing this time. In order for me to help the family I once hustled to help, I have to fix ME. By fixing me I mean taking full responsibility for my actions and considering how my actions affect others. Now I think first before I act or react. I think about my children and the people who believe in me. I trust that God will take care of me even when I can’t see the ending.

I want to share my experiences and thoughts because there may be people out there that are just waiting to hear/read something that motivates them to be better in life. Some families may need to know what their loved one is going through and what it takes to help them in here. Most of all I want to speak to the young men that haven’t been through this type of life yet. I want them to know how it really feels to hurt because you’re away from the people you love the most. If I’m able to touch just one person…It’s all worth the effort…

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