Prison Inmate Blog Contributor: Cedric Pierce

Cedric Pierce

Cedric Pierce, Inmate Blog Writer & Published Author

Cedric has been incarcerated for over 22 of his 41 years of life in the state of California.  He is a loving husband and father of four who is also a published author of two books with two more in the works. Cedric has spent the past 22 years in a continuous pattern of growth; he has struggled and overcome many obstacles.  Once he was known for negatively influencing his environment and was the subject of investigations; now proudly leads a productive and discipline free lifestyle in prison and a leader of his peers for positive change.  Cedric is an avid entrepreneur with the goal of becoming a motivational speaker for the inner city and troubled youth.  He hopes through his writings for IMT he can inspire other people and inmates to transform themselves.

CONTACT CEDRIC DIRECTLY:  If you would like to contact Cedric directly, you may do so via snail mail by writing him at:

Cedric Pierce #J24758
Ironwood State Prison
P.O. Box 2199
Blythe, CA 92226