Prison Inmate Blog Contributor: Bryan Noonan

bryan noonanBryan Noonan, Inmate Blog Writer

My name is Bryan Noonan and I am a former business owner and entrepreneur who was active in serving my community before some very poor choices led me to prison. I am now serving a seventeen year sentence in Michigan for criminal sexual conduct. My earliest release date is 2026.

I am an advocate for restorative justice practices, particularly in view of empowering and healing victims, and restoring offenders to their communities. I also believe in and advocate for prison reforms that are restorative in nature and whose goal is rehabilitation for the offender and healing for the victims of crimes and for the offenders who committed those crimes.

I am writing for InmatesMatterToo because I do not believe we can heal the harm crime causes if we sweep the problem under the rug. Hurt people hurt other people, and prisoners have hurts that need healing so they can in turn address the harms that they have caused others. I hope that sharing some of my own journey will humanize the problem and perhaps give readers an insight into how they can make a difference. You can read more of my writings at

CONTACT BRYAN DIRECTLY:  If you would like to contact Bryan directly, you may do so via snail mail by writing him at:

Bryan Noonan #739416
R.A. Handlon Correctional Facility
1728 W. Bluewater Hwy
Ionia, MI 48846