Prison Family Resources

Prison Family Resources

PRISONERS FAMILY CONFERENCE  – A yearly conference that aims to improve the quality of life for the prison family through increased awareness, education, networking and supportive services and referral promoting positive relationships that lessen the traumatic impact and reduce risks resulting from incarceration.

PRISON TALK ONLINE – Connect to others for prison information and family support.

Texas Prison Family Resources


MEMORABLE MOMENT – TDCJ MARRIAGE SERVICES – is committed to providing marriage services to inmates in the Texas prison system. It may not be the wedding of your dreams but we can help you make it memorable. Things may seem confusing but we are here to help you say I DO.

TEXAS PRISON BOOKSTORE –  the largest online bookstore dedicated exclusively to family and friends of inmates incarcerated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We sell and ship TDCJ approved books and magazines only.

TEXAS PRISON APP – (Go to your cell phone  download the app — It’s FREE) – Everything a family member or friend of an inmate incarcerated in the Texas prison system, needs to know and do is at your finger tips with this simple to use phone app. Links of phone numbers, emails and websites of vendors that perform services for inmates in the Texas prison system (see screen shot below).



THE PRISON SHOW – The Prison Show is a live radio program airing Fridays at 9pm Central Time on KPFT FM 90.1 Houston, streaming at
They discuss issues of interest to those in prison as well it features shout-outs from family and friends in the free world to their loved ones behind bars in Texas.

2 responses to Prison Family Resources


    Wish they had a site like this in Florida.


      Hi Blake – The comference is for families nationwide. People from all over the world come. You should try and attend next years comference. IMT plans to be there. If you are in need of help, feel free to reach out to is. 🙂 Jen

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