Prison Family Blog Contributor: Sharron Grodzinsky


Sharron Grodzinsky, Published Author & Prison Family Blog Contributor

As a military dependent, Sharron Grodzinsky spent her childhood moving from air base to air base, giving her a wide view of the world. She still has her love for new adventures and continues to travel around the world with her husband, Lennard. A registered nurse and former medical administrator, she has now turned her inspiration to writing and advocacy. Her most recent published book, Waiting on the Outside. She maintains a blog and resource page providing information and related news for friends and family of the incarcerated.  You can learn more about Sharon’s latest book of her journey being a mother to her son who is in prison.  By clicking on the book cover below you can be directed to her book on Amazon.


There are 2.4 million people incarcerated in the US today. What would you do if your loved one was one of them? “Waiting on the Outside” is one mother’s story of her son’s journey to federal incarceration and his affiliation with a white supremacist prison gang. This book looks at damaged family relationships, and the effects of incarceration on the inmate and their family. It begins with her first visit to prison and her son’s devastating life choices.

From the joy of his adoption to heartbreaking family problems, a pattern of behavior forms, resulting in her son’s incarceration in a Nevada state prison. After release and completing parole, he falls back into a world of drugs and crime and ends up indicted in the infamous trial for the Nevada Aryan Warriors. His affiliation with them during his first incarceration is crucial to his RICO charges and eventual sentencing. He spends three years in solitary confinement awaiting trial, ends up pleading guilty, and is sentenced to twelve years in federal prison.

Prisoners have written books about incarceration from their point of view, but they have not addressed the sorrow, fear, and humiliation their families endure. This is a critical look at fractured families, the penal system, and how society is affected.