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Martin Lockett,  Inmate Blog Writer & Published Author

I grew up in Portland, OR to two parents, a twin brother, and two older sisters. I was a shy kid and by the time I hit adolescence I was desperate for acceptance by my peers and especially girls.

To gain this attention I drank so I’d be more sociable–and it worked! But before long I found myself drinking alone, daily, in the mornings, and, well, I became a full-blown alcoholic by age 15.

During this time I also stole cars, sold drugs, and ended up being an accessory to a robbery that cost me three years of my young life behind bars.

After I was released I tried to put it all together, go to college, and lead a better life, but the alcohol seemed to have a stranglehold on me that I couldn’t shake! It led me to where I am now: in prison serving 17 years for Manslaughter (DUI car accident).

Because of my tumultuous life of battling alcoholism, I’ve committed this time and my life to becoming a substance abuse counselor where I can counsel youth who struggle with addiction.

In the 11 years I’ve been here I’ve earned a Human Services Certificate, BS in Sociology, and published my memoir, Palpable Irony: Losing My Freedom to Find My Purpose. Furthermore, I’m currently pursuing my Master of Science in Psychology.

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Martin Lockett grows up in a tough neighborhood in Portland Oregon and by the time he’s fifteen, his parents don’t know what to do with him. He and his homies steal cars, drink, and smoke dope and even though Martin’s bright, the only time he does well at school is when he gets kicked out and has to attend alternative classes. As soon as he’s returned to his friends though, he’s right back into trouble. After Martin serves three years in prison for his part in a robbery, he finally seems to turn himself around. He gets a good job, moves up in the company, meets a nice girl, and he’s proud to buy his first car. But his decision to get behind the wheel one drunken New Year’s Eve, leaves two innocent people dead, several families destroyed . . . and puts the twenty-four-year-old Martin behind bars for nearly twenty years. In what he realizes is a Palpable Irony, it is in prison that Martin finally finds meaning and direction in life. Devastated by the tragedy he has caused, he takes advantage of the educational opportunities offered to him. With his study of psychology, he begins to unravel the tangled threads of his life, gaining wisdom and insight that he puts to use in understanding his own youthful motivations and in counseling other young men, like him, who are headed straight for disaster. Penned within prison walls where the author still resides, Palpable Irony upliftingly chronicles a lost man’s discovery of himself and his potential as an instrument for good

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CONTACT MARTIN DIRECTLY:  If you would like to contact Martin directly, you may do so via snail mail by writing him at:

Martin Lockett #12664175
Oregon State Correctional Institution
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