Founder of IMT

Jennifer R is the Founder and visionary behind Inmates Matter Too.  After watching a very close friend in her teenage and young adult years spend 7.5 years in prison, as well as corresponding with multiple people in prison since 2012; Jennifer has devoted her life to helping those in prison who seek to better themselves that ultimately leads to living a productive/successful life after release.  Most of all she is driven to help society see the value of people who have made mistakes that are in prison and or returning citizens who have been released back into society.

IMT Founder with graduates & finalists - Supreme 16 Graduation, Winter 2016

IMT Founder, Jennifer R with graduates and finalists – March 2016/Winter Class @ San Estes Unit, Venus Texas

In Jennifer’s Words: It was through my connections of writing people in prison initially that I began to better understand the things that people in prison go through, the status of our greatly flawed prison system here in the U.S. and most of all learning that not all people in prison are hardened, mean and cruel people.  The people I have encountered are those who made poor choices that landed them where they are (some are innocent as well and unjustly imprisoned and are fighting for their freedom), but now they are serving their debt to society with great hopes and plans to be released someday soon and a desire to make better choices and live life as a productive citizen in society.

One of the great things with poor choices is we can learn from them and grow from them and chose to do better the next time around. I believe in second chances, I believe in helping individuals who want to do better and turn their lives around.  I chose to support them now while they are in prison, because one day…these people will be released back into society and be my neighbor or someone else’s. No matter how many people say in society, “Lock’em up and throw away the key,” I chose to support, encourage and help them to becoming the best possible version of themselves to prepare them for their future of freedom and to hopefully never return to prison again.