FAMILY SUPPORT by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nate Henderson

August 15, 2016 — Leave a comment

Inmate Family Support

Families aren’t as connected as they used to be. I mean people just don’t talk or get together like they did when I was young. There used to be a time when you knew family would have your back no matter what the situation. What happened to Family Support ?

Being on the inside makes you think deeply about family. You think about how much you miss them and what you should’ve done with family before coming to prison. Some guys spent a lot of time with family. Coming to prison is very hard for them. I spend a lot of time just listening to people. I hear guys talk about their boys playing sports and how proud they are of them. Talking about family always brings out good feelings. Unfortunately I missed most of my daughter’s childhoods. That’s something I had no control over. I have however been very much a part of their lives. It’s not the same as being there physically, but being there for them to talk to makes things a little better. We need each other.

Sometime it’s hard to explain to people just how we feel in here. When we don’t hear from our folks for long periods of time it feels like we’re forgotten. Sometimes we may write to ask a question and get no response. The things that seem small on the outside aren’t so small in here. We crave a bond with our families and the people we love the most. Nothing is worse than a man with no support in here.

Being supportive is a two way streets. Our loved ones need us just as much as we need them. Sometimes a few good words are all a person needs to get through the day. I can always tell when a person doesn’t have support. Their overall morale is low and they don’t seem to care about anything. This causes people to act out in ways they normally wouldn’t. I’ve had issues with not having the support I felt I should’ve had at times. I built myself up of those negative emotions rather than using it as an excuse to act a fool. Acting up only causes more problems.
I’ve found that showing support for my children and loved ones makes me feel better. Without realizing it, my daughters support me emotionally. Some of the smallest things my girls do or say help me get through rough days. I try my best to give them the same attention and support. Family support is important because it gives each person the strength to face the world each day, rather it be inside these gates or on the other side. Everybody needs somebody sometimes…


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