NO EXCUSES by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson

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No Excuses

Often I hear people saying,”I can’t complain…” when asked how they’re doing. Then they’ll follow their statement with some type of complaint. It trips me out because sometimes I catch myself complaining about small things that really don’t matter. I look at my situation and think it’s hard at times, but it’s not as hard as some have it, or have had it…I want to share the story of two of the strongest women I know. Bear with me, this one is a bit long, but very real.

Life was good for her despite the fact she was raising her children with their fathers in prison. She had a good job with a leading position, a nice home, and comfort. Her kids were happy, and from where she stood, life looked promising.

After giving birth to a third child she was hit with a hard blow. Cancer…Imagine a doctor giving you this type of news and telling you your days are numbered; basically putting an expiration date on your life… She experienced all the stress and pain that comes with cancer treatments and medication. One of her surgeries nearly ended her life because of a mistake the doctor made. It was hard for her to breathe at times. She had to wear a pace maker. Imagine your body doing things that are out of your control. Imagine feeling helpless because you honestly don’t know what’s to come. Imagine having to ask, ” Why Me God ? ” Very few friends stayed around for support during the worse days. She cried many tears wondering if she was going to make it. She never showed weakness in front of the children. She stayed strong for the people she loved. I can’t even imagine how that must’ve felt…smh

Meicka is too stubborn to accept defeat so she took her concerns to GOD…Her church family surrounded her in prayer. The sickness in her body came out during prayer. She told herself,” This isn’t it for me ! ” The mind is the most powerful medication you can have if it’s made up to survive. 6 years after the doctor gave her this “so called” expiration date she’s more than alive!

She had the chance to be a mother and watch her kids grow up. She made it to her sons’ football games and track meets. After dealing with her daughter’s rebellious teenage years, she had the chance to drop her off at Texas A&M to continue her education. Now get this…Meicka continued her own education while everything else was going on ! She earned a Associate of Art High Honors Degree, and on the 13th of May, she graduated with a Bachelors of Social Work Magna Cum Laude from UT Arlington…I have to smile at that because I know how hard she worked for it.(*_*)

For one women this isn’t just an imagination, this is her life. Shameicka Green-Middlebrooks is amazing to me ! She had every excuse in the world to give up but she didn’t. She made No Excuses and trusted GOD to get her through. I wanted to share her story because she inspired me to write about it.

She was attending college to further her education.  She was pregnant and trying to make the most of it. 6 months into her daughter’s life she finds out her baby’s father is going to be in prison for 20 plus years. She made up her mind that she had to accept the challenge and keep pushin’. A few years later she had a son and once again was faced with the father going to prison for several years as well. She did what she had to do to make it. With two children to raise she decided to go back to school for a nursing degree. Berry become a LVN and started working on her RN until an unexpected tragedy happened.

Her daughter had a pool party for her 10th B-Day. Berry had to work, but headed straight to the party when her shift was over. Everyone was there having fun when she called. She pulled up to the party only to find everyone in panic mode. The worse possible thing that you could ever imagine in life had happened. Her son was found face down inside the deep end of the pool… He’d gotten into an area that was supposed to be shut off. She took it HARD…The pain that comes with loosing a child can completely derail a person. Imagine finding out you have another daughter on the way while dealing with a lose of this magnitude…Berry stayed strong through it all.

After getting back on track she was faced with yet another serious issue. A cancer scare… Going through treatments was hard but she’s a tough one. She had to think about the girls, and if you know Berry, NOTHING will stop her from protecting those girls…The stress brought a lot tears at times. That’s a side people don’t see from her much. Finding the strength to keep going seemed impossible, but not for this woman. She prayed and GOD had his way of answering her prayers.(P)

Ragena “Berry” Williams not only found the strength to keep going, she got stronger. She went back to school in OKC and graduated with her RN and is currently working on her BSN. Her girls have followed her lead and are also strong minded little women. The smiles I see from them in pictures are a prime example of GOD’s power. Nothing can stop you if you trust in HIM.

This is the short version of their stories. I plan to write a book on them in more detail if permitted. Some things are just too personal at this time. I’m blessed to know these women. Knowing their strength & will power has pushed me in ways you couldn’t imagine. I’ve cried with them and for them. I’ve prayed for them harder than I’ve ever prayed for myself. I’ve smiled at their laughter. I also have the honor of having daughters with these women. My struggles in here are minute compared to theirs. I’ve had to deal with my own mom having an aneurysm. She also bounced all the way back. My prayers were answered. I’ve hurt for each of them because I wasn’t able to be there for them. Neither one of them have made excuses or given up. They trusted GOD…With that being said, I have NO EXCUSES for making a success out of my life after prison. If they can go through all of this and come out smiling, GOD has to be good…I would be crazy to second guess HIS power.

I would like to thank Meicka and Berry for their sacrifices, strength, and love. Also for allowing me to share what I seeing in them. God has shown me a lot through them…I’m glad the kids have such strong examples to follow.

Love Always,  Nate


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