I HAVE A PURPOSE by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson

May 10, 2016 — 6 Comments

Mans purpose

Each day we’re faced with a choice. You can choose to stand up to the challenges life hands you, or you can choose to fold. Recently I was asked,” What motivates you to get up and go each day?” I responded, “My faith in God…” but it’s much deeper than that. I had to really lay back and think about it. I asked myself that same question.

I get up and go each day because I KNOW that there’s a greater plan for my life. After every storm the sun shines. That’s how I see life. I’ve been battle tested since I was a child. Time and time again I silently asked for God’s help. I asked Him to lead my steps. Without realizing it, my prayers were being answered. My answers didn’t come in the way I expected them to come but they came. God has a way of doing things His way. Once you come to God in prayer, you can rest assure that you’re on His list of things to do. I’m not the holiest or most faithful Christian. Half of the time I felt like my prayers were landing on closed ears because of my life style. I was almost ashamed to pray, or go to church, because I knew what I had going on. I didn’t want to feel like a fake. My uncertainty never stopped me from talking to God when I was alone. Those intimate conversations helped me make it through the toughest times.

Sometimes we’re receiving a blessing from God and don’t even realize it because we’re already praying for something else. I had to sit back and take a good look at things. God has always looked out for my best interest. God built me in such a way that I can handle any pressure thrown my way. My current situation is a prime example. I’m so confident that this time is being used to better me that I don’t stress over it. I’m not institutionalized or thrown off. If anything, I’m a smarter man after doing so much time. God gave me the gift of being able to think in difficult situations. This gift has helped me survive.

I wake up with a purpose each day because it’s clear that God expects me to be great! Why else would he put me through such rigorous training? When I stare in the mirror I see the answers to all of my questions staring right back at me. God is in ME! I’ve been looking for outside answers to my problems for most of my life. All along the answers were staring me in the face…I have a purpose and I can see that now. What’s your purpose in life?


Nathan Henderson

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6 responses to I HAVE A PURPOSE by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson


    What a wonderful outlook on your life and your situation. This is a hard life and lesson. Agree…sentencing is often unfair. However, you have chosen to see the best in a bad situation – take care…know that your words make a difference.


    Absolutely love this post – thank you for sharing, Nate. Your words are nearly identical to those that our company’s founder has used while in your same situation. Everything certainly does serve a purpose and if you continue to keep your eyes, ears and heart open then you will continue to understand what that purpose is as He is ready to share it with you. We run an entrepreneurial re-entry program called Endure Group. Please feel free to reach out if there is ever any way that we can be of help to you and your mission! http://www.enduregroup.org May God continue to bless you!


    This is wonderfully written and transcends all factions of life. Even though I may be on the “outside” this conversation daily, is needed.

    Kristina Williams May 20, 2016 at 4:17 PM

    This is such an inspirational message that will hopefully reach many of whom are in a dark place and unable to see the light. This will hopefully open up others to do better with their time and make the best of it instead of dreading it. Thankd for sharing Nate you are definitely a positive role model and inspiration.


      Thank you Kristina- Your kind and positive words are really appreciated. I have passed your comment onto Nate.
      Thank u, Jen

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