I PUT THAT ON MY MOMMA! by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson

May 6, 2016 — 7 Comments

Happy Mothers Day

When you hear a man in prison say, ” I put that on my Momma!” You know he means business…That phrase solidifies the statement he’s making. Mom’s are considered the most high in our lives. When you’re unable to count on anyone else in your life, mom is going to be right there

My Mom was a tough one growing up. She didn’t take no mess and she didn’t hesitate to hand out a butt whoopin’…lol I remember being so angry with my mom at times. I didn’t understand why she was so mean ! I tried to always make my mom proud because I loved seeing her smile. It wasn’t until I was older that I understood my mom’s anger. She had two boys she was trying to raise on her own. Our dad’s were in prison or not in the picture most of the time. I witnessed my Mom being abused when I was younger. Even though I didn’t understand relationships, I knew that wasn’t right. I’ve seen my mom cry way too many times. I’ve watched my mom add up bills on the kitchen table on her note pad. When she’d walk away I’d read what she’d wrote. She only had a few dollars left to live off of for the next couple of weeks. Her struggle was much harder than I imagined. She always managed to provide what we needed. I respected my mom for that. I promised myself that when I got older I was going to make sure that mom knew she was appreciated. I was able to put a smile on my Mom’s face several times. Even though I went the wrong way about making money, that smile made it worth while.

After my arrest I had several court dates. My outside support got less and less. The news about the amount of time I was facing was spreading and the friends were fading. Not my Momma…She was right there for each and every court date. She was my rock when I looked over my shoulder in the courtroom. After I was sentenced it was my mom that checked me about holding my head down. Her words,” You lived a hell of a life, don’t be sad now, hold your head up and keep going…” Mom said that with a straight face. That made me keep pushin’. Her love for me was anything but normal. She had a different way of showing her love. Mom has never turned her back on me this entire time I’ve been in prison. There aren’t too many people in my life that can say that.

There are several men in prison that feel the exact same way about their mothers. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for Momma. When she’s hurting we’re hurting. When she’s happy we’re smiling. When you hear us say, ” I Put That On My Momma!…” You know it’s real.

I’d like to wish every single hard working, tough loving mother, a Very Happy Mother’s Day! You are appreciated…
Nathan Henderson
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7 responses to I PUT THAT ON MY MOMMA! by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson


    Thanks for posting this with perfect timing for Mother’s Day. Yes, most of the time it is only the moms who are still standing there in full support after a son or daughter has been incarcerated. God bless them all. It isn’t easy!


    Being a mom is more than just giving birth. It loving your children unconditional. It’s wiping bottom, noses, and even the tears away. Being a mom is the most important job in the world. Mom’s raise our men and women, Mom nourish and cherish, mom’s discipline, Moms love. So to everyone that still have your mother. Don’t take them for granted you only get one.


    Marsha ( mama): Thank you very much for those kind words, I Love You very much & always, remember “HOLD STRONG & ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD UP” I Love You


      Marsha- I will be sure Nate gets this message. You have an incredibly strong and talented son and I am so glad to be able to share his messages/writings with others. I am also glad you were able to get onto the website and read this extra special blog on Mothers Day. God Bless, Jen ((hugs))


    Thank you so much Jen for seeing that Nathan gets this message, i love my son very much, again i appreciate you…


    Totally inspired!!! You are phenomenal! Keep on pushing you have a story to tell. Proud of you!


      Thank you Deedee- I have forwarded your kind message to Nate. Getting everyone’s comments really brightens his day and motivates him to keep writing. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Jen

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