FADED PICTURES by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson

May 5, 2016 — 3 Comments

Faded Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words…That’s what I’ve always heard. When you’re doing time a photo is worth much more. Sometimes family/friends don’t realize that a picture can totally open a window to a prisoner’s mind. I watch the reactions of people after mail call sometimes. Some days faces are filled with disappointment. I can always tell when someone has been promised mail and it didn’t show up. At other times there’s a sign of pure joy on a man’s face. Those are the days he got that letter/package of pics he was looking for. I know the feeling. Something so simple can mean so much to a man in here. Most guys can’t wait to show a friend the pics they received. At other times it’s more personal. Either way, it’s important to a man.

A few days ago I watched a man receive some pictures. There were a few, but one in particular caught his attention. He walked to his bunk staring at the pic with out saying a word. I was curious to know what he was staring at because of his reaction. I communicate him but we’re not close enough for me to ask about his pics so I just went on my way. Later that day I saw him post the picture of a pit-bull up on his locker. He was smiling at the picture. I could tell his dog held a special place in his heart. I asked him about the dog since he put the picture on display. He told me his name but it was a Spanish name I can’t remember. He said the dog was his babe…The smile on his face told a story.

I too have a picture that effects me in that way. I’m always receiving pictures but there’s this one that takes me to a place I can’t describe. One of my favorite spots to go before my arrest was the Botanic Gardens in Ft. Worth, Texas (pictured above). My cousin was going through problems one day so I shared my place of serenity with her. My favorite spot was this wooden bridge sitting over the large goldfish in the Chinese Garden. I used to just stand there feeding those fish and clearing my mind of all problems. I had no idea she would go there. I received some pictures from the gardens a few days later. One picture was the view from the bridge over the goldfish. That picture took me to a place that I can’t even put into words. All I can say is it gave me this quite joy that only I knew. I felt a love for my cousin that’s immeasurable. That thoughtful gesture meant the world to me. I still use that pic weekly.

Every man has something that reminds them of a place and time of pure freedom. A lot of times we forget the things we love so much because our minds are clouded with this life in here. The pictures become faded…You can do your loved one a solid with something as simple as a picture. The picture can be of Thanksgiving dinner, a baby’s first steps, a car, YOU…Anything that you think will put a smile on there face. Something so simple can mean so much, and it only takes a small effort to make that happen…It’s understandable that life is hectic and busy. Taking a few minutes of your time to show a person you care goes along way. It lets a man know that he’s loved and thought of. That type of love builds a man up. Life takes on new meaning in here when you feel loved. The pictures don’t seem so faded anymore…
Nathan HendersonAbout the Author, Nathan Henderson

I’m currently in Big Springs low and I have been for the past 7 years. I found my niche here after doing a lot of soul searching. I started writing my thoughts and posting them on Facebook. I started writing books about real life situations. I joined a jewelry beading class that I now teach. I pick up on leather craft as well. I began using my mind in ways that would help me better myself and this situation. I found out a lot about myself and my faith while doing this time. In order for me to help the family I once hustled to help, I have to fix ME. By fixing me I mean taking full responsibility for my actions and considering how my actions affect others. Now I think first before I act or react. I think about my children and the people who believe in me. I trust that God will take care of me even when I can’t see the ending.

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3 responses to FADED PICTURES by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson


    My son is doing 8 yrs in Jasper, FL. I’M visiting him for Mothers Day. It’s a long drive, but can’t wait to hug him. I will mention this Web site. Great writings, thank you♡


      Hi Blake – If you go to our Facebook page at the top there is a “sign up” link to sign you and your loved one up for our quarterly support/encouragement newsletter. I’d love to send your son one to help keep his spirits up. 🙂
      I hope you and your son have a great visit!! ((Hugs))


    Nate-Thank you for painting such an emotional picture of what it is like when those who are incarcerated receive mail and the difference a picture or letter makes. It sounds like you are making a difference in the lives of people you interact with. Keep writing what is on your heart. Your writing is clear and easily understandable.

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