WHAT WE BELIEVE at Inmates Matter Too

February 27, 2016 — 2 Comments

What We Believe


  1.  We Believe All Human Lives Matter.
  2. We Believe People Can Change.
  3. We Believe in Making a Positive Difference.
  4. We Believe in Serving Others.
  5. We Believe Mistakes Can Be Instrumental Learning Lessons Towards Positive Futures.
  6. We Believe in Second Chances.
  7. We Believe that Someone in Prison Receiving Positive Support Can Make a Profound Impact on an Inmate’s Life Now and in the Future.

FEEDBACK/COMMENTS WANTED:  Now We’d like to hear from you!! Do you believe these things to be true about your Inmate Loved One and those in Prison?  Please share your comments below.  THANKS!! 🙂

To Learn More about IMT’s Mission Statement & What We Believe, please READ HERE. 

2 responses to WHAT WE BELIEVE at Inmates Matter Too


    I just wrote to my son who is in solitary, on the required teeny tiny postcard “What we Believe”. I want him to know that many people are fighting for inmates rights. I’ve learned so much since his incarceration 09/15. I’ve learned there are kind people everywhere. And I thank you for your contribution of kindness. This blog has helped me a lot. I sent him Martins book Losing my freedom to find my purpose, he should get it next week, hopefully. Hugs to all. Julie xo


      Julie – I thank God your Son has you. Being in solitary is awful, I can only imagine. Your kind words brought tears to my eyes.Thank you, but I can’t take the credit. It’s the Lord working through me. I do all of IMT to further Christ’s kingdom and to let all those who are broken, hurt and Lost that they are valued and loved by our Heavenly Father..I am just following the path/work he has laid before me. I don’t know if you or your son have a faith, but would you Please let your son know we at IMT have him in our prayers and that he has a Father in heaven that loves him more than he can ever imagine and in his time of solitary– God is waiting for him to reach out and talk to him. There is hope in Christ and he is never alone.
      So glad he will have Martin’s book to read as well. His story is powerful. Martin is a believer/follower of Christ as well. Thank you again for your kind words and if you ever need a friend to talk to or just listen, feel free to reach out to me via the Contact page on the website. God Bless you and your Son. ((Big hugs))

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