SO GLAD TO BE BACK!!! by Inmate Published Author, Martin Lockett

January 13, 2016 — 4 Comments

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Dear Readers,

Welcome back! It feels so good to be back on IMT and have an audience as dedicated as you to share my thoughts with. For those of you who know me, again I say it’s great to be back “in touch” with you; for those of you who are new to the IMT family, I also extend a great WELCOME and would like to introduce myself and my platform.

My name is Martin and I’ve been incarcerated for over twelve years now for DUI Manslaughter. I have chosen to honor my vicitims and bring purpose to my life by devoting my time and effort to helping and counseling those in addiction as well as those who are simply on the wrong track in life. In my effort to professionally counsel adolescents in particular when released, I have acquired a BS in Sociology and am currently four classes from attaining an MS in psychology. I work here at the prison in the education department in the GED program and love helping men both with their own educational aspirations as well as offer life guidance where I can. This is my passion and I’m grateful to be able to be a role model of sorts and impart what knowledge I can to these men in the hopes that it will inspire them to turn their lives around and attain their longterm goals.

I began blogging for IMT in 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed it with every blog I wrote. As many of you know, I focused a lot of my attention on self enhancement for those of us who are incarcerated and prison relationships as I felt these were prominent topics for the IMT family and their incarcerated loved ones. This time around, however, although I will still devote my blogs to the personal development I believe all inmates should be striving toward as I know (or at least hope) you will pass some of them along to your incarcerated loved one for some encouragement, I will also like to discuss some of the myths and widely-held stereotypes about prisoners because, after all, this is Inmates Matter Too; and this asserts the notion that many believe we who are incarcerated are not deserving of the same human compassion and treatment that those who are not in prison deserve. This belief comes from a position of contempt that, I believe, is rooted in misconceptions and biases that have been adopted with regard to those incarcerated. I’d like to challenge some of those beliefs. Furthermore, because this is YOUR site, I’d love to hear from you about whatever other issues you’d like to hear about.

Many of you recall from the last time I blogged that there were times I would personally respond to your comments. Due to logistics and personal obstacles, this may or may not be possible going forward. However, please know I am able to read your comments and eagerly look forward to hearing your sentiments. I will do my best to work something out where I can respond to your comments from time to time, but, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee it.

Again, I’m so thrilled to be blogging again for IMT and I eagerly look forward to the enthusiastic engagement from all of you throughout the coming year. I aspire to write meaningful, encouraging, thought-provoking blogs that both you and your incarcerated loved ones will find useful and uplifting. Let’s have an AWESOME 2016!





ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Martin Lockett

Martin Lockett is serving a 17 1/2 year sentence for a tragic car accident. Martin has substantially turned his life around by completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, published his first book and is currently working on his Masters in Psychology. Martin plans to counsel at risk youth when he is released. He hopes his insight, thoughts and experiences from prison will help those who have a loved one incarcerated or someone facing prison time.

To read more about Martin, CLICK HERE 

PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK/COMMENTS for Martin:  If you enjoyed this blog, please take a few moments to share your comments.  All comments will be passed along to him. THANK YOU! 🙂

4 responses to SO GLAD TO BE BACK!!! by Inmate Published Author, Martin Lockett


    “Losing my freedom to find my purpose .” That sentence is beautiful. My son has recently been incarcerated and is facing a very, very long time behind bars. We constantly wonder “why” did this happen to him? I keep telling him we will find out in time. This terrible situation will make us both grow into more compassionate, less judgemental humans, we are ALL flawed. Your blog has given me hope that he can thrive in prison, continue his education, he was almost finished with his 4th yr of college when he was arrested. He is an avid reader and writer. I just joined this group last night and your blog was the first thing I read. I write this with tears on my cheeks. Thank you Martin for giving me hope that my son will get thru this nightmare. I look forward to your next blog. Keep safe, healthy and positive. Hugs, Julie


      Julie – I have tears in my eyes after reading your comment to Martin. It is people like you that we do what we do at IMT. No doubt, Martin is an inspiration. He has overcome much to be the man he is today. I am positive any human in prison can do the same thing..but they have to really want it. Be willing to leave all the nonsense behind. I pray your son has or is in process of re-learning better ways to make smarter choices for his future. One I pray will be very very bright. I can tell he has a Mom that loves him dearly..and that Julie is so important to someone in prison, a family support system. I highly encourage you to send your son a copy of Martin’s book..I know it would truly inspire him if he is on the path of growth, change and trying to find out why this has all happened to him. I do not make any money from his book sales. I was inspired incredibly by his book and personally think every person in prison should read his book…it’s that good!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story Julie. God Bless, IMT ((hugs))


        I will most definitely send him the book when he gets to a permanent location. He’s been transferred so many places. It’s heartbreaking that my wonderful son who had the world at his fingertips now only has the jumpsuit on his back, that the state owns. I’ve spoke with my boy tonight and told him about Martin and his blog, he is interested in hearing more. I know he will get a lot of encouragement from the book. Thank you for your kind words, it truly means the world to me. Sincerely, Julie 💐


        (((Big hugs)) to both you and your son Julie. 🙂 Would love to hear his thoughts on the book after he reads it. I know Martin really appreciates reviews on Amazon.

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