Judgmental – by Cedric P in California

October 8, 2014 — 2 Comments

I understand this world we live in can make the strong cry
I have seen the strangest things leaving me in confusion
Race, color, creed, I thought we all bleed blood
You, me and all other humans, I thought we needed love
I know we live in sin, so why would I expect anything less
Who can say ,”I’m Pure,” we have all fallen short
Some stray further than others, it is a individual situation
I try to feel the soul of my brother and see life as he sees it
Tell me a secret, in the world do we help existence or hurt it?
I have to have mercy, give love, cuz i’m far from perfect
So before I criticize, or predict, or try to tell you how to live
I’ll just stare in the mirror and tell it to myself.

IMT FAMILY:  Oct 6th was Cedric’s 40th Birthday…will you kindly leave him a comment below wishing him a Happy Birthday and any other comments on his poem?  THANK YOU!! 🙂

2 responses to Judgmental – by Cedric P in California


    Cedric, your honest & insightful reflection inspires many. Keep writing. Keep telling your story. Continue to illuminate the truth about the realities of decades in prison. I have a best friend in prison since he was 16, now almost 39. He is an amazing man like you and could offer & contribute so much if given the chance. I believe we are all worthy of redemption- meaning to re-deem or re-value or be valuable again. I hope that you and many like you and my friend have the opportunity to give back to society. You are gifts that the world needs.
    Thank you.

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