Glorified Gangsta? by Inmate, Cedric P in California

September 20, 2014 — 1 Comment
Black gangster

I grew up in an environment that allowed the most unworthy, to become our most sung heroes. Criminals that climb totem poles, as if it was a corporation. It’s difficult to know where it begins and ends. What’s real and whats facade.

I remember my mother saying, I would die in those streets as a young kid. So living, became a great challange. I remember thinking and feeling that I wasn’t worth much. So like so many before and after me, i became a part of those streets that trap and kill us black men.

After a while, death, prison and betrayal seem like a natual aspect of life. Even more, low standards corrupt our character and passion. So we become involved in whatever those streets offer.

So many people I really care about are killing each other. Innocent kids are becoming monsters. I remember dreaming of playing in the N.B.A. But before I knew it, I was preparing to be the greatest drug dealer of all time. How crazy was that?

I know there are a lot of movies, books, magazines, and CD’s that glorify this thug life. I really enjoy the subject matter. But truth is, this is not a movie for me. Ths is my real life. Where everybody has an opinion about me. And where decisions that I made as an adolescent continue to affect my adult life.

From the outside, it may look glamorous to some. But it’s a cruel, lonely life, that offers no satisfaction. What people don’t see is the pain of loss. The decades of incarceration, and the loss of ones soul.

I know Scarface was a movie, as well as New Jack City. But Al Capone and Felix Mitchell were real. The Washington’s, a legendary family where I come from were real. Secretly we miight admire them. But, they all have a common denominator. They all died early.

I don’t know about you, but I want to live. I’d rather be a father and a husband and enjoy my simple life. “The greatest drug dealer of all time!” How stupid was I? Dreaming to be a loser…..

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One response to Glorified Gangsta? by Inmate, Cedric P in California


    Cedric I wish you luck living a simple life. Never get discouraged no matter the challenges you may face. Life was never promised to be easy.
    The fast lane may seem hard because you try to stay alive and in your case as a drug dealer ahead of your competition. Living an honest simple life is difficult especially if you have the fast lane taunting you in the background.
    The simple and honest life will be hard because we are the ones challenged the most with trials. Now you have to learn to face those trials in a simple and honest way and not answer the taunts of the fast lane even though it may seem the easiest.

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